How To Buy From Acropolis Market?

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One of the new Multisig markets that deserves some more love is Acropolis market, the market is a referral only market, you can use this referral link to register:


And check out reviews on Acropolis listing page.

The following guide was originally published on Acropolis market and explains the ordering process on Acropolis market, it is published here with the approval of the market admin:

1. Login to your account and find a listing that suits your needs. Select the “Order now” option to start your purchase.


2. The following step allows you to select between several payment options before placing an order. After selecting the listing and quantity that you want, you can select a specific Bitcoin public key, or you can let the market select a random public key from your own pool. In case you don’t want to use public keys from your pool, you can check the option, “Use custom public key” and provide your key in the “Custom public key” text field. Complete encrypting your shipping details. Optionally you can let the market encrypt your message to

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