How to Dance Around Scammers And Get the Drugs You Ordered?

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It should go without saying but, on the deep web there are scammers. A lot of scammers. As in, have you ever been out partying all night then you get home and realize you have a shit ton of work you haven’t done? Yeah, more than that. No one knows what the global industry worth is for deep web scams. It’s impossible to find out. But it’s safe to say that if you buy or sell for long enough on the deep web, you’re going to get scammed at some point. My job is teaching you how to avoid this as much as possible and at the end of it all, hopefully you can get the drugs you paid for.

Finding a market

You want some weed? Cocaine? Heroin? Whatever gets you off, you need to find a supplier. And suppliers sell on markets. Find a market using the list at DeepDotWeb or reddit. If you use links from other pages, there is a high chance that you have the wrong link. The webpage will look the same, but all your account information will go straight to a scammer. This is very important! Many people get scammed not by

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