How to Escape ‘Pharma Bros’ & Government ‘Imbeciles’ with Bitcoin

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How to Escape ‘Pharma Bros’  Government ‘Imbeciles’ with Bitcoin

Big Pharma including Turing Pharmaceuticals and its former CEO Martin Shkreli have used public protection legislation as a weapon against vulnerable patients – and all lawmakers can do is beg them to stop. Yet the solution for consumers with Bitcoin is, as is being proven, far simpler than many would imagine from the scenes in the press.

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Legal Chokehold

In September 2015, US drugs consumers found themselves in a familiar position – alienated from their social system by the very bureaucratic mechanisms created to protect them. Thanks to loopholes in the country’s patenting procedures, one sole profiteer was able to wreak havoc on an entire demographic of vulnerable patients – legally. State lawmakers seeking to defend patients’ lives from Turing Pharmaceuticals’ 5,556% price hike of an HIV drug quite literally ended up begging former CEO Martin Shkreli to make prices cheaper.

Enter Bitcoin, whose ability to dodge dysfunctional legislative environments is nothing new. From cutting the cost of a phone call

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