How To Get Monero?

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You’ve probably heard of Monero (XMR) by now. It’s a cryptocurrency which features privacy and untraceable transactions. Several darknet markets, including AlphaBay and Oasis, have chosen Monero to be their private cryptocurrency. SIGAINT, a darknet email service, has also recently provided a TOR relay for Monero transactions in an effort to help Monero transactions stay completely within the darknet, if the user so desires. And, if you watch the cryptocurrency markets, you know that value of Monero has skyrocketed. All of this has created a greater demand for Monero.

So, how do you get Monero?

You Can Trade for Monero through Exchanges

If you already have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can trade them for Monero at cryptocurrency exchanges. Bittrex and Poloniex are the larger exchanges, with Poloniex having the most volume of Monero trades. A list of exchanges which trade Monero may be found here. Fees on the exchanges vary, but 0.25% when buying seems standard. is a decentralized exchange, meaning that you can trade Bitcoin and other

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