How to make money by spreading the word about Bitcoin

In the previous videos I’ve shown you different methods of capitalizing on the bitcoin economy. Today I’m going to give you one trick you can use to earn money with Bitcoin, and earn it fast.

Now this method was originally introduced to me by Roger Ver, one of the leading Bitcoin enthusiasts today. It will allow you get paid for “spreading the word about Bitcoin” so to speak. If you want to see the original post just click on this link.

The method is pretty simple. You’re basically going to purchase starbucks credits at a 20% discount using Bitcoin, and then sell it to Starbucks customers for a profit. Let me explain.

Using an app called “fold” you can purchase Starbucks credits at a 20% discount. So for example, you can get a $10 gift card forStarbucks by paying only $8 in bitcoins. You can then sell that gift card for $9 to someone else.

In the original post Roger even suggests you just sit outside a Starbucks and offer the app with a loaded balance to people walking in. When they ask how did you manage to get the discount you then explain to them about bitcoin.

However, I don’t know

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