How to Restore Your TREZOR Seed Using Copay

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In box your TREZOR wallet got mislaid or shop-worn your supports aren’t lost. You can still redeem your Bitcoin change regulating a liberation seed we created down when we initial commissioned TREZOR. This brief post will explain how to use a liberation seed with Copay. This beam is also accessible for Multibit HD here.

Step 1 – Install Copay on your machine

Go to Copay and implement a desktop wallet depending on your OS

Step 2 – Add a new wallet

From a homepage of your Copay implement select “Add wallet” and afterwards “import wallet”

add new walletadd new wallet

Step 3 – Enter your liberation phrase

Make certain to form in your liberation word during a same sequence it is created down. Also double check to see that there are no typos.

enter liberation seedenter liberation seed

If we have a passphrase safeguarding your liberation seed make certain to supplement it underneath a “Advanced options” section.

Once we are finished click “Import”.

You should now be means to see your TREZOR change on your Copay

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