How to Save Bitcoin’s Node Network from Centralization

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Jameson Lopp is a program operative during BitGo, creator of and owner of He enjoys building web services and is intrigued by problems of scale. 

In this feature, Lopp examines a causes of a abating series of bitcoin nodes opposite a network and discusses what it competence take to retreat a trend.

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Decentralization is, we would argue, a many critical skill of a bitcoin network. Without it, many of bitcoin’s other properties, such as a ability to promote exchange but a third celebration or yield a permissionless height for innovation, would be compromised.

There are many facets that minister to bitcoin’s decentralization, a many critical of that is a network of nodes that contain bitcoin’s infrastructure by holding copies of a blockchain and pity retard and transaction information opposite a network.

And yet, notwithstanding their importance, a series of nodes has been shrinking for years, arguably centralizing a network.


I’ve been writing about a decline in node depends for a integrate years and have been monitoring my nodes with a Statoshi program we expelled in 2014. Because a opening of

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