How to Skyrocket Your Bitcoin Faucet Profits with One Step

In my last post about Bitcoin faucets I thought I would stop updating you on my progress. However I’ve gotten so many requests to keep on posting my earnings that I’ve decided to do a monthly update on all of my faucets every month. If I’ll have something valuable to share I will, and if not, I’ll just update you on how things are going.

Side note: If you’re totally new to this concept of Bitcoin faucets start with this post.

Last month I’ve launched 99Satoshis. It’s a Bitcoin faucet similar to Milli with one small difference – it’s self hosted. Meaning, I’m not using a 3rd party like Faucetbox or Paytoshi to manage my payments. In the beginning I thought this would only be good for saving the 2.5% fee I pay these sites and also to become less reliant on 3rd parties, however I found out something much more valuable…

The way things work with 3rd party sites is like this: You deposit funds into your account, people claim small amounts of Satoshis from your faucet and that amount is deducted from your balance on the 3rd party site.


If you take Faucetbox for example, they only

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