How ‘Too Big to Jail’ HSBC Can Still Be Vacated

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In a world of corrupt banking practices filled with fraudulent activity, fractional reserve banking, quantitative easing, and too-big-to-jail banks like HSBC, it is great to know we can vacate corrupt systems with Bitcoin.

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HSBC, Modern Banks ‘Too Big To Jail’

lwsm_too-big-to-jail_7449One of the biggest scams these days is the traditional central banking system we have here on planet earth. In fact, it is so corrupt bankers never get in trouble while they rob people in the wide open. A recent congressional report called “Too Big To Jail” shows how the Obama administration’s Justice Department (DOJ) would not prosecute HSBC because they thought it would cause market turbulence.

Bureaucrats always point out that cryptocurrency allows people to hold a Swiss bank account in their pocket because they don’t want the taxman to pillage their assets. But ironically, nothing happens to big banks like HSBC when they are found laundering millions of dollars.

At the same time, Obama is quick to point out that people should not be encrypting their phones and shouldn’t secure their wealth with cryptocurrency without prying eyes. Yet his Justice Department would not prosecute HSBC because they believed it would cause a “global

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