How Twitter Could Benefit From Using Blockchain Technology


Impersonation of a person or major brand is a real threat to Internet users worldwide, as these kind of events take place far more often than most everyday consumers realize.Especially where social media is concerned, tweeting to the wrong Twitter person is cause for a lot of grief, miscommunication, and hassle. The time has come for properly identifiable handles, usernames, and aliases.

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Not Every Twitter Alias Belongs To The Right IdentityBitcoinist_Twitter LogoBitcoinist_Twitter Logo

Registering a Twitter username is a great way to stay in touch with friends, family and even customers if you are running a business. However, if someone else has taken your name as a Twitter handle already, problems ensue. Claiming that you are the legitimate person that username should belong to simply won’t fly, and situations like these can and will create confusion down the line.

Famous people, individuals and companies are all affected by other people registering user handles they

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