HTTPS/TLS RC4 Vulnerability Serious Threat to Bitcoin Platforms

Bitcoinist_Cryptographic keyBitcoinist_Cryptographic key

Security over the Internet is a topic of great concern among industry experts, as it looks like we are on the brink of facing a massive threat. As much as one-third of the world’s encrypted Web connectivity suffers from a fatal flaw, which could be exploited any day now. Additionally, the same type of attack can be used to break into certain types of wireless networks.

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The Attack on Cryptographic Cipher RC4Bitcoinist_RC4 SchematicBitcoinist_RC4 Schematic

The cryptographic cipher RC4 — also known as Rivest Cipher 4 or ARC4 — is used in some of the most common internet security protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS). RC4’s Main benefits are its simplicity to use, and speed in software, yet it also packs a few serious weaknesses arguing against its own usage in new systems.

Anyone who has used a wireless internet connection in their life will have noticed that Wi-Fi networks are always protected by a certain

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