HUGE: CES® 2016 to Host The Digital Money Forum

Living in Digital Times and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®have announced the launch of “The Digital Money Forum” which promises to feature news-making and successful tech leaders who are leading the race and helping in shaping the digitization of the money.

The Digital Money Forum would discuss e-wallets, chip-embedded credit cards, digital currency systems, digital transaction services, biometric identification, E-commerce policy and legislation, and the current and future state of retail etc.

What makes this conference exciting is, that it is coming together of giants who delve in different spheres like Living in Digital Times is an events and conference production company focused on the intersection of lifestyle and technology while the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®is the owner and producer of CES®which is the world’s gathering place for all involved in the business of consumer technologies.

The Digital Money Forum will be presented by the MasterCard and will take place on the show floor at Tech West, Venetian Level 4, Marcello Ballroom, 4404, Las Vegas, NV, on January 8, 2016.

Sessions will feature a keynote address from MasterCard about the future of payments and those who wish to speak on a panel have been requested to contact [email protected] or call 888-205-4473 as the registration is now open.

Another aspect which makes the Digital Money Forum exciting for the industry is that research has indicated that by 2016, mobile payment transactions could reach a value of $1 trillion.

One of the major highlights of this the Digital Money Forum would be that it would give the financial companies and high-tech developers an avenue to discuss and ponder over cashless payment plans for the future and how the move would affect the consumers and the industry.

Robin Raskin founder and president, Living in Digital Times set the agenda clearly in the following words: “That five dollar bill in my pocket is about to become an anachronism. It’s going to be replaced, but with what? That’s the million dollar question.”

Further Raskin added that since the digitization of money would affect everyone, therefore, “we are taking a close look at how these emerging financial systems of tomorrow are going to be integrated into the everyday lives of consumers.”

Michael Casey, a Senior Advisor at the MIT Digital Currency Initiative and co-author of “The Age of Cryptocurrency” will moderate the conference. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012