‘I Am Lyn Ulbricht’: A Mother ‘Doubles Down’ for Her Son Against the ‘Failed Drug War’

The hosts of the Austin-based Crypto Show, which covers libertarianism and Bitcoin topics, have started a fundraiser for the Ulbricht family. The event will run from June 24 to August 16, and the funds will be raised to help pay for Ross Ulbricht’s federal appeal.

Show host Danny Neanderthal told CoinTelegraph how he feels about Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother. He said: 

“We were exposed to human side of this and seen the leviathan the Ulbrichts are up against. Had we not met her, we would never have been so involved. None of us on the Crypto Show have ever used the Silk Road website. My opinion is that the greatest thing the Silk Road ever produced is the activist Lyn Ulbricht. I don’t use the phrase ‘I am Dread Pirate Roberts.’ To us at the Crypto Show, it’s ‘I am Lyn Ulbricht.'”

Lyn has become a full-time activist since her son was arrested and has been working around the clock to help Ross, by running fundraisers and speaking at events such as Porcfest this week and at Bitcoin conferences.

The hosts of the Crypto Show met her at the 2014 Read more ... source: Cointelegraph