IBM To Sponsor India’s First Bitcoin Hackathon HackCoin

If anyone ever needed more proof that India is becoming a major hub for Bitcoin, look no further.  HackCoin, a two-day hackathon event, will put most of its focus on coming up with new and creative ways to embrace Bitcoin and blockchain technology.  And such an event, can count on a major sponsor in the form of IBM.

HackCoin Hackathon Brings Bitcoin Blockchain Technology To IndiaHackCoin India

Unbanked and underbanked regions of the world can tremendously benefit from adopting Bitcoin and blockchain technology.  Even though there is no financial infrastructure to speak of for most people, they still deserve access to a basic form of finance.  And if traditional financial institutions aren’t willing to provide such a service, Bitcoin enthusiasts and blockchain developers will.

HackCoin is India’s first major hackathon event to put a large focus on digital currency.  By allowing teams of developers to compete in the field of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, HackCoin could be one of the biggest hackathons to keep an eye on in 2015.  And that idea is only fuelled because HackCoin is sponsored by none other than computer giant IBM, who are no strangers to digital

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