ICO Fever: How Crowdsales Are Taking Over Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency crowdsales, or Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), can be a contentious subject. But there are a lot of ICOs on the crypto-landscape lately. Many exist on larger platforms, such as Bitshares and Ethereum.

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Crowdsales ICOs Are Growing More Popular

funding Lately, in the cryptocurrency news cycle, all you hear about is some new ICO or crowdsale raising millions. These funding rounds begin with developers attracting investors to start the project.

Funding comes from speculation on the company’s ability to generate future revenue. These funds are then used to maintain the project and further its development.

These tokens represent a form of shares in the project. Crowdsales remain popular, existing in the cryptocurrency industry since Bitcoin’s inception.

This year, though, crowdsales have been particularly huge. Anyone reading Wikipedia’s “List of highest funded crowdfunding projects,” will notice quite a

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