IDS B2B CEO Talks Pent Up Demand for Bitcoin Binary Options

Trading binary options on Bitcoin online can be a secretive business at times, which makes shedding light on this emerging field both challenging and important. During last week’s iFX EXPO 2016 in Hong Kong we got to meet with the CEO of IDS B2B, Mr. Kang Jung Tae, who was accompanied by Mr. Bong Gan (Fred) Ki, one of the directors of IDS B2B, which operates the IDS Option brand.

The IDS B2B CEO explained that the bitcoin binary options platform was created in Hong Kong and not South Korea in order to access a global marketplace based on English and Chinese, as well as that it is expected to reach $5 million in assets by the end of the year. The interview was conducted with the help of a Korean translator and the full answers are provided below.

Please describe your company’s background

Back in 2008, our parent company IDS Holdings started the first online educational company for futures and derivative products in Korea. It’s running successfully and expanding as a solid and sound company in Korea. Everyone knows the foundation of financial is customer’s trust. This foundation is not built up by just words, but in practical action. I believe that is how to gain energy to grow a

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