Improving OPSEC with VPN Alternatives

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In a world where every activity seems to be monitored by one draconian surveillance state or another, individuals should be taking their privacy very seriously if they wish to have any at all.  Luckily for those who want privacy for one reason or another, we have been granted projects such as TOR and I2P, thanks to dedicated developers who are also very serious about security and privacy and maintain these free resources for our use.  However, despite the fact that TOR has not been efficiently defeated to date, even TOR by itself can make us feel inadequate before the enormous power of 3 letter agencies.  Large state actors who have sufficient means and resources can launch a number of unconventional attacks, such as a traffic correlation attack, and de-anonymize a darknet user without directly defeating the TOR protocol.

With this in mind, people often seek layers beyond the TOR protocol’s packet routing.  Adding extra destinations between you and your exit node should, for the most part, increase the difficulty of tracking a user.  Some have taken to using VPN’s before entering TOR to increase their “anonymity”.  This has created somewhat of a controversy, many repeating the classic

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