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In Defense of Bitcoin Transaction Fees

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Bitcoin does not need to scale. While Satoshi Nakamoto competence have arbitrarily designed a 1MB  block distance into a Bitcoin custom with small explanation, many attention people forget that, only since that volume was arbitrary, does not meant a custom contingency scale now or ever. The people who feel this proceed – in what radically represents a regressive proceed to a discuss – have been shunned totally in a contention famous as a Bitcoin retard distance debate. Not scaling is not an option.

This is a good blunder as it obfuscates a genuine discuss during hand. The existence is many Bitcoiners trust a regressive approach, even if that means no retard distance increase, is not preposterous. we am not observant it contingency be a answer. we am observant it is one probable answer for a mixed choice doubt per retard size.

What happens if a retard distance is not increased? Fees increase. Perhaps Bitcoiners have a outrageous hatred to fees since many of a industry’s startups have not done

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