In Talks with Encrypted Labs CEO Ian Worrall

As cryptocurrency sector continues to innovate the ways we conduct trades and businesses, the world is indeed hopeful of seeing a boundless and transparent finance environment in future. The rise of Bitcoin somewhat marks the dawn of such an era. The digital currency has influenced many small to big companies to build user-friendly applications on its open-source code.

Encrypted Labs Inc. is among such companies that has lately garnered attention for building interesting cryptocurrency applications, including a desktop-based wallet service equipped with an in-built trading platform. The CEO of Encrypted Labs, Mr. Ian Worrall, recently had a chat with NewsBTC regarding their innovative product. Here are some excerpts from it:

Q: Tell us more about your new wallet-cum-trading desktop application?

A: Our main focus with the FuelCoin desktop application is to create an extremely user friendly yet feature rich application to attract mainstream consumers into cryptocurrency and grow the industry.  It enables users to send, store, and receive like a regular wallet; however, we have added a trading portal, market research, data news feed, and are expanding to in-app shopping, encrypted messaging, and collaboration to target multiple demographics.  It also auto-updates so users do not have to re-download the wallet to access

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