In Washington, War Is Peace

The Intercept has an article on the “U.S. Institute of Peace,” a government agency founded in 1984 supposedly dedicated to promoting “nonviolent resolution of conflicts”: author Lee Fang is shocked – shocked! – that USIP chairman Stephen J. Hadley, a former national security advisor to George W. Bush, wants to arm Ukraine so as to impress Putin with the sight of “body bags of Russian soldiers who have been killed.” Yet the USIP has long been a site of neoconservative infection inside the national security bureaucracy.

Established by a national lobbying effort led by lefty-sounding “peace activists,” the National Peace Academy Campaign was originally a project of goody-two-shoes liberalism, and was supported by Sens. Mark Hatfield and Vance Hartke, among others. Writing in Z Magazine, Sara Diamond averred that

“Scores of reputable peace groups supported the idea of a ‘federally-funded training center for peace’ studies. But the peace movement was inattentive to the support coming from the less-than-reputable.”

Which is a nice way of saying that the very idea of the US government – the most warlike government on the face of the earth – sponsoring a “peace academy” would be laughable if it wasn’t so downright sinister.

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