Increased Threat Perception, Agora on Temporary Lockdown

The second in line to Silk Road and the top dark internet market place since Silk Road shut down has temporarily suspended its services ( if you can put it that way). Agora has recently announced that it will be shutting down for an undisclosed amount of time due to threats against the platform.

During the temporary shutdown, Agora will work on various defense mechanisms to thwart any attacks. The threat of attacks are said to be due to certain vulnerabilities associated with the Tor protocol. The Tor vulnerabilities can potentially lead to identification of servers hosting the websites and the operators behind it.

The decision to shut down agora for the time being was announced by the unknown site admins on the website. They also claim to have moved their servers after detecting some suspicious activity on the platform which may disclose the IP address and other site information. Any eventuality like that may easily set law enforcement official on their tails due to alleged illegal nature of certain trades carried out on the platform.

After the closure of Silk Road followed by the arrest and sentencing of Ross Ulbricht, Agora has

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