Indian Central Bank: Blockchain will Transform the Finance Sector

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The Reserve Bank of India, one of the few central banks worldwide that has been skeptical towards the Bitcoin blockchain technology has recently shown interest in the distributed ledger technology and peer to peer financial systems, due to their strengths in settling transactions and clearing assets securely, with significantly lower costs.

“With its potential to fight counterfeiting, the ‘blockchain’ is likely to bring about a major transformation in the functioning of financial markets, collateral identification (land records for instance) and payments system,” stated the RBI.

The RBI emphasized the benefits of using the blockchain technology and its decentralized and transparent nature. Since no central authority or third party application are involved in the network, the bank believes that the implementation of the blockchain technology in the conventional finance sector could truly disrupt the industry and existing financial platforms.

“As against this, the ‘blockchain’ technology is based on a shared, secured and public ledger system, which is not controlled by any single (‘central’) user and is maintained collectively by all the participants in the system based on a set of generally agreed and strictly applied rules,” the bank added.

However, two years ago, the bank publicly warned its users against virtual currencies

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