Indonesian Entrepreneurs Seek Bitcoin Legalization

The status of Bitcoin in Indonesia remains a big mystery for the time being, as there is no official legislation regulation in place just yet. Some entrepreneurs in the country are for making Bitcoin a legal currency, but that doesn’t mean things will change overnight.

The Road to Bitcoin Legalization in Indonesia

Now that several countries are looking into making Bitcoin a legal currency in their region, things are getting exciting in the world of cryptocurrency. Japan seems for legalising Bitcoin in the next few weeks, and Luxembourg has granted an official business licence to the popular Bitstamp exchange not too long ago. Additionally, the United Kingdom has created a think tank to explore the boundaries of Bitcoin technology.

This puts Indonesia – as well as various other countries – in a bit of an awkward state, as most regions of the world have no plans for Bitcoin legalization right now. At the same time, there is a growing demand for Fintech services, and cryptocurrency seems to be at the centre of the future of financial technology and services.

Certain entrepreneurs in Indonesia feel there is no better time than now to start the legalization

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