Indonesia’s Fragmented Digital Wallet Ecosystem Can Learn From Bitcoin

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Mobile wallets are apropos a prohibited commodity these days, though that will not indispensably advantage a consumer. In Indonesia, for example, there are distant too many opposite digital wallet offerings already. More and some-more partnerships are fake to offer new solutions, ensuing in a fragmented landscape. Bitcoin stays a usually one resolution that can work for everybody.

One thing a immeasurable infancy of existent digital wallets in Indonesia have in common is how they aim opposite segments of a population. Every particular charity does a possess thing, rather than formulating a go-to resolution for several needs. Collaboration with banks is tough, as each vital bank is operative on a possess digital wallet resolution right now.

Fragmented Digital Wallet Ecosystem In Indonesia

While giving consumers plenty choice is a certain thing, saturating a marketplace is an unwelcome consequence. It does not make clarity for a normal chairman on a travel to implement a dozen opposite digital wallets for bland expenses. Moreover, not everybody in Indonesia has entrance to a bank comment or a services, withdrawal a lot of consumers cut off from these mobile platforms.

Competition is designed to coax creation and advantage a consumer. If this trend in

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