Industry Veteran Teaches Other Escorts How to Use Bitcoin


Liara Roux

Liara Roux is an “exclusive San Francisco escort,” of the upscale variety, and she has been impacted by the recent decision of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to cut off, a place that people in her industry often solicit customers.

Bitcoin is censorship resistant. Even if the government ordered someone to shut down Bitcoin for a site like Backpage, they’d be unable to do it. So long as the people at Backpage could create a wallet, they could receive money. This is by design, considered a feature, not a bug. Whereas with many of the legacy systems, it’s pretty basic to shut off an account. Banks and others wield this power for legal and other justifications, but in the end, the movement of money should only be up to its owners. There shouldn’t be other parties in between. This is the very premise of Bitcoin, which is why the situation with Backpage strikes to the heart of the Bitcoin movement.

Roux writes in her blog:

This is obviously an awful situation; many sex workers rely heavily on Backpage for their business. While it would be wonderful to

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