Infighting Is Good For Bitcoin

Infighting Is Good For Bitcoin

A degree of infighting has shocked the Bitcoin community as individuals with different ideas clash over the direction in which the Bitcoin protocol should evolve (or be evolved). With the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has long celebrated its leaderless organization. In 2015, this lack of leadership led to a lack of direction in the Bitcoin community concerning its core protocol.

There are some hard limits to Bitcoin’s growth which were coded into the cryptocurrency in its incipience. Discussion about how to program Bitcoin in the now has led to divisiveness, contempt, frustration and cynicism among people who follow the technology closely.

In Bitcoin, there are a lot of opinions that are held to be self-evident truths, such as Bitcoin is “going to the moon” or will “change the world” completely. Both of these are untested hypotheses. Yet, like an echo chamber, many Bitcoiners parrot these beliefs. Thanks to recent disagreements, some doubt has been cast over the future of the nascent technology.

In recent months, thanks to the blockchain debate, there has been a division within the Bitcoin community as people disagree completely over what to do with the core protocol, which can be updated currently by developers to

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