ING Bank Experiments With Voice Verification, Blockchain Authentication Far More Secure

Bitcoinist_Voice VerificationBitcoinist_Voice Verification

Security is a key element of importance when it comes to storing funds. Regardless of whether a user keeps funds in their bank account, in cash, on their mobile device or in Bitcoin, without top notch security, there is always a threat of someone stealing money from them. Dutch bank ING thinks they have found the solution to making PC banking more secure, by letting customers use their voice to access their bank accounts.

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After Fingerprint Security, Now There is Voice VerificationBitcoinist_Voice Verification ING bankBitcoinist_Voice Verification ING bank

Improving bank security is not an easy task, as many systems have been tried, altered and redesigned over the past few years. To this very date, most customers access PC banking by using a combination of username, password and sometimes a card reader. Such card readers are a great tool to generate security codes in an offline manner, which should act as an additional layer of

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