Inside Bitcoins Chicago Is Almost Upon Us

Less than a week from today, the next Inside Bitcoins conference will kick off in Chicago.  As is always the case with Inside Bitcoins events, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this event.  Combine that with a long list of interesting speakers, and you can see why these events also draw a large crowd.

Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo Chicago

In recent years, Chicago has been the host of multiple Bitcoin conferences.  And that should come as no surprise, as the Chicago Bitcoin Meetup group currently has over 700 members who share a passion for Bitcoin and digital currency.  Events, such as Inside Bitcoins, are a great way to connect people from all over the world and open up tons of networking opportunities.

On July 10 and 11, the place to be is the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.  As is always the case with Inside Bitcoins events, a wide variety of topics will be discussed.  Blockchain-related startups will take the center stage, of course, as we all want to learn more about new and upcoming technologies bringing the blockchain to everyday consumers.

But there will also be a strong focus on Bitcoin markets and exchanges, as the Bitcoin price continues to dominate media coverage all around the world.  The recent – slow but steady – price increase leads to a lot of speculation as to why this is happening, even though there is no definitive answer to that just yet.  But by next week, the story might be different.

And how about some more news in terms of FinTech innovation, decentralized applications, Bitcoin for non-profits or distributed ledgers? There is so much more to the concept of Bitcoin than just the value in fiat currency.  Financial freedom through superior technology is just one of Bitcoin’s many facets.

“As the industry’s premier conference, Inside Bitcoins Chicago, shines a disruptive spotlight on the latest FinTech business trends, innovative investment strategies, emerging killer apps, and the next wave of Bitcoin 2.0 and blockchain-based startups,” says Stewart Quealy, Director of Content for MecklerMedia.

Prominent Speakers and a Cash Prize for Startups

To relay the message of the topics as mentioned earlier, Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo will host a long list of noteworthy speakers.  Names on that list include, but are not limited to, Jeff Garzik, Matthew Roszak, Andrew Filipowski, Brennen Byrne, Jeremy Gardner and Bobby Lee.  For a full list of speakers, click here.

The Bitcoin ecosystem can only grow as more and more startup companies are focusing their attention on implementing blockchain technology for various use cases.  In order to stimulate that ideology, MecklerMedia announced a US$1,000 cash prize for the winner of the Inside Bitcoins Chicago Startup Competition.

Get 10% OFF when you register with the discount code CRYPTO.  Prices increase on June 19, so register before to save with early bird pricing.   To register for the Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo in Chicago, please visit

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Images courtesy of MecklerMedia and Inside Bitcoins Chicago