Inside Bitcoins San Diego: Bitwage Founder Jonathan Chester Speaks


Today, we have an interview with the founder of Bitwage, a company that aims to pay workers with bitcoin that in turn pay bitwage through wire transfers. The instructions are fairly straight-forward. Bitwage will send you a bank number, you tell your employer to wire transfer your paycheck to said bank number and voila, bitwage will then pay you in bitcoins.

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bitwagebitwageWhat is Bitwage?

“Bitwage is the largest bitcoin payroll provider in terms of users and volume.  We make it incredibly easy for anyone to send and receive wages in bitcoin.  We offer three main solutions, payroll individual, payroll employer and international payroll.  Payroll individual allows anyone, regardless of their employer signing up, to receive their wages in bitcoin.  Payroll employer allows employers to offer the benefit of paying employees in bitcoin.  International payroll enables this system to pay employees all around the world by leveraging bitcoin as a payment rail, saving employers, employees and freelancers 90% or

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