Inside Bloq’s Bid to Bring Bitcoin’s Code to Enterprise Businesses

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Long-time bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and attention financier Matt Roszak have teamed adult to launch Bloq, a new startup ambitiously billed as a “Red Hat for blockchain”, in a curtsy to a $1bn open-source program company.

Backed by $250,000 in collateral from Roszak’s organisation Tally Capital, co-founders Garzik and Roszak pronounced that Bloq aims to yield a rendezvous covering for enterprises companies that might differently be capricious about dedicating resources to engineering and plan efforts that precedence open-source blockchain technology.

Though a association debuted in a high-profile essay on Bloomberg, a essay was maybe brief on how Bloq would exercise a vision, and in particular, a theses on a underlying tech for that it would offer services.

In a new interview, Garzik framed Bloq’s prophesy as one that sees a attention elaborating toward a “multi-chain, multi-token” ecosystem in that bitcoin will offer as a “root of an Internet of chains”.

As such, Bloq’s products take advantage of bitcoin’s features, including a secure blockchain, precocious regulation bottom and tellurian community.

Garzik framed Bloq as a startup aiming to obey a tested regulation combined by Red Hat, that he contends

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