Inside Bloq’s Bid to Bring Bitcoin’s Code to Enterprise Businesses


Long-time bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and industry investor Matt Roszak have teamed up to launch Bloq, a new startup ambitiously billed as a “Red Hat for blockchain”, in a nod to the $1bn open-source software company.

Backed by $250,000 in capital from Roszak’s firm Tally Capital, co-founders Garzik and Roszak said that Bloq aims to provide a engagement layer for enterprises companies that may otherwise be uncertain about dedicating resources to engineering and strategy efforts that leverage open-source blockchain technology.

Though the company debuted in a high-profile article on Bloomberg, the article was perhaps short on how Bloq would implement its vision, and in particular, its theses on the underlying tech for which it would offer services.

In a new interview, Garzik framed Bloq’s vision as one that sees the industry evolving toward a “multi-chain, multi-token” ecosystem in which bitcoin will serve as the “root of an Internet of chains”.

As such, Bloq’s products take advantage of bitcoin’s features, including its secure blockchain, well-developed code base and global community.

Garzik framed Bloq as a startup aiming to emulate the tested formula created by Red Hat, which he contends

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