Institutional Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Prepares for Launch

Emails were sent to institutional traders, including traders that belong to pension funds, mutual fund families, and insurance companies. The exchange is asking them to begin the process of opening accounts for trading on Gemini.

“Just wanted to clarify that the emails sent out today were sent to institutional customers (who signed up to our early access list) in order to begin the process of setting up their account — there’s more KYC work to do to get institutions onboarded than individual customers, hence why we have started to get the process started with these folks earlier,” wrote Cameron Winklevoss.

– Cameron Winklevoss

The news comes just weeks after the Winklevoss twins announced that they had filed to become a trust, operating within the state of New York. If granted the trust status would allow them to operate the exchange without a BitLicense. According to a blog post by Houman B. Shadab, a professor at New York Law School and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions, trusts are legally distinct financial

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