International Law Enforcement Agencies Working Together To Fight Cyber Crime

Your TOR usage is being watched

International policing agencies have now come together in a bid to create a universal concrete platform for combating cyber crime. The legal and practical shortcomings that have been facing the renowned international legal entities against this critical issue, mainly Europol and INTERPOL, led to the convening of a third conference on cyber crime. The discussions aimed at assessing potential threats, practical legal related challenges, evaluating cooperation models and training empowerment initiatives. On top of that, more emphasis was laid on operational outcomes and the experience learned so far.
cybercrimeThe conference was attended by 350 specialists who have sound experience in cyber crime representing different member states. The discussion yielded to the establishment of some joint events that were to be spearheaded by Europol and INTERPOL, but any willing partners were invited to join. The joint Cybercrime Cooperation and Compatibility Taskforce was mandated with looking into the development of a compatibility chart. Besides it would help harmonize different legal systems, handle information codes and develop a partnership to curb abuse of essential currencies for criminal and illegal transactions.

The 2015 Internet Organized Crime Threat AssessmentThe 2015 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) edition, which was released on 1st October, showed emerging changes in cyber crime landscape and advanced anonymity technologies. The report displayed the yearly trend in cyber crime landscape as compiled by Europol’s Cyber Crime Center. The views were based on a law obligation point of view, input from member states, expert input by Europol staff as well as input from the academia, private and financial sectors.

The assessment revealed that cyber

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