Internet Criminals Use Affiliate Marketing For Global Ransomware Distribution

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There is a lot more to ransomware than meets the eye. Most people only think of this malware as a way to encrypt computer hard drives and files. But to spread ransomware, a dedicated marketing strategy is needed. New research shows how Petya’s and Mischa’s creators are using “advanced techniques” to make their products appealing to a large audience.

Ransomware Distribution Is All About Marketing

Similarly to how most product advertising works, ransomware has become an affiliate marketing scheme. Anyone who distributes the malware successfully will receive a portion of the money earned from a successful payment. The developers pocket a small fee for their coding efforts, but this marketing plan allows anyone in the world to inflict harm on others without technical expertise.

What is even more disconcerting is how the Petya and Mischa ransomware developers have formed a “coalition”. Under the name Cybercrime Solutions, they want to raise more awareness about their products. Not to inform potential victims, but just to boost their sale numbers. As there are plenty of other types of ransomware available, staying one step ahead of the competition is critical.

As a result of this unholy

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