Interpol Trains Police Officers to Use Cryptocurrency and the Darknet

INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation has recently completed a specialized training to identify the methods and strategies used to avoid detection on the Darknet, which often use non-standard communications protocols and ports.

INTERPOL’s Darknet

INTERPOL’s Cyber Research Lab developed a sample private Darknet network for the training to mimic actual transactions and private trades settled on private cryptocurrency-powered Darknet marketplaces like the Agora.

Many participants were invited in the specialized training course to enact as “vendors, buyers and administrators to improve their understanding of the technical infrastructure of the Tor network’s hidden services, the structure of illicit marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies.”

Exercises also included live law enforcement “take downs of the simulated market places,” according to the INTERPOL’s press release.

After the closure of the Silk Road, many government agencies and law enforcements have been looking into the Darknet markets, and how transactions are processed and “hidden.” Today, agencies like Interpol and the US Dept. of Homeland Security are in search for ways to track down cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in order to determine the origin of the trade.

“Darknets are fast emerging as the preferred trading venue for organized crime networks and individuals to carry

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