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Kickass Forum (kickassugvgoftuk.onion), is a relatively new forum focused at hacking and coding, but also includes a section for insider trading information leaks and is exclusive to leaked information/data (majorly targeting corporates and executives). Users are using there the information for following reasons:

  • Stock Market Trading
  • Forex Trading
  • Commodities
  • Aggressive Business Remodeling
  • ‘Know whats happening before the rest’ Technique

And a typical post on the forum looks like this:


After we have been granted access to the forum which still looks young, we conducted a short interview with the forum admin to better understand how this works:

Who are you and what do you do?

Can you tell us about KickAss forum?

KickAss (KA) is a forum with talented hackers and coders on the deep web / dark net. The level of expertise in the forum is very advanced. Every single user in the forum is talented in a different niche. That is why we have an application process in play. We only accept the most advanced users. This process allows us to filter out the newbies, law enforcement, journalists, researchers, and lurkers. Over time, this process allowed us to

Read more ... source: DeepDotWeb

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