Interview: Insider Trading Forum Admin

Kickass Forum (kickassugvgoftuk.onion), is a relatively new forum focused at hacking and coding, but also includes a section for insider trading information leaks and is exclusive to leaked information/data (majorly targeting corporates and executives). Users are using there the information for following reasons:

  • Stock Market Trading
  • Forex Trading
  • Commodities
  • Aggressive Business Remodeling
  • ‘Know whats happening before the rest’ Technique

And a typical post on the forum looks like this:


After we have been granted access to the forum which still looks young, we conducted a short interview with the forum admin to better understand how this works:

Who are you and what do you do?

Can you tell us about KickAss forum?

KickAss (KA) is a forum with talented hackers and coders on the deep web / dark net. The level of expertise in the forum is very advanced. Every single user in the forum is talented in a different niche. That is why we have an application process in play. We only accept the most advanced users. This process allows us to filter out the newbies, law enforcement, journalists, researchers, and lurkers. Over time, this process allowed us to interview some very talented users. Some of these users are very advanced in mathematics, economics, quantum, and entrepreneurship. Although please keep in mind, it is highly unlikely to enter the forum with irrelevant skills unless it is in demand of users inside the forum. KickAss is also known to have the most popular Insider Trading forum on the dark net.

Are you the admin of the whole forum or just the inside trading?

I am part of the staff members of the forum. My responsibility and roles include moderating the Insider Trading forum and the General Discussion forum.

Tell us a bit what is inside trading?

Insider Trading is a group or individual that possesses corporate information that has not yet been made public or possibly abandoned information. Because the information is not available to other investors, a person using such knowledge is trying to gain an advantage over the rest of the market by having approximately 100% accuracy in every trade and 100% profits. That is exactly what KickAss Insider Trading Forum has for the users.

What is your background in that field?

I’m a self-taught cryptographer, economist, investor and entrepreneurial businessman. I don’t believe in formal education systems. I believe that a human is given the opportunity to implement creativity to the process and structure of any type of education. You shouldn’t be forced to learn something in a certain way. The more comfortable you are, the higher chance you’re going to be passionate; which means you’re going to learn more and also implement it in your life on a daily-basis. With those two, your means of knowledge is limitless.

How is the information obtained? I see that the only posters of info are the mods and not users?

We are a team of seven, and continuously growing as the venture grows.  One Economists One Investor: They look suspicious companies, and future predictions. Three Serial Hackers: They obtain information relating to a potential movement in the market. Two Trading Analysts: They perform quality control and screen all information.  KA Staff: After an extensive screening process, we post the information.

It takes a lot of work and effort to post a successful published post. The risk of allowing users post their own stuff is risky to our customer’s profit. Customer service is key, and we wish to deliver quality information. We’d like to give customers what they’re paying for. Users are allowed to post feedback or question into every thread.

How does the insider trading forum works?

To avoid any sort of leeching from occurring, we summarize the findings into a structured formality. The first part is summarizing the findings, and the connection to the whole timeline. Then we state the effected markets followed by whether to buy/sell or if the specific market will be going up or down. Then we indicate the important dates, followed by the important dates are stars. 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the most important impact. We indicate the accuracy rate. We only release posts that are higher than 90% accuracy. Lastly, the type of hacking sources that was used to obtain the information.

How much money have you made using these methods?

It all differs, depending how much you leverage. Put it this way, everyone uses different amounts of leverage and risk. You have all the space for the highest percentile projection for trading on any market.

What does it take to get access to the inside trading forum?

Your application must be jaw-dropping. We don’t really care about your money. We care more about having the right users with the right talent using the Insider Trading sub-forum. You must indicate that you are applying for Insider Trading so we can give you the type of interview. Expect highly advanced questions about economics or trading. After the users have successfully passed an extensive difficult interview that contains challenges and questions to be completed. They are given the opportunity to pay 1 bitcoin a month for their subscription in the sub-forum. That is the exact reason why the staff is the only one allowed to post. The users have gone through a lot to gain membership access and are also paying for their service. They deserve to have accurate and high quality information.

How many members there are currently?

There are over 15 investment firms using this sub-forum, and over 25 on-going renewed members. We can easily have over 1000 members, but most of them get declined in the interview stage. You do not pay, unless you pass your application stage.

Can you share any interesting success stories of inside trading?

Many users use this to their advantage and leverage high. Some users have made enough for the year off a few well thought-out plans using our information. You can also see the users feedback on every post.

What makes you want to do an interview?

Transparency is the reason many people lose there money, or don’t understand the market. We make that all clear for you. KickAss forum currently has the most smartest users in the forum. If you are a hacker, stock/currency trader, or extremely talented at something that we could need; then this is the forum we’ve created for all of you to join. A forum full of smart people.

Why share that info on a forum and not just use it quietly? Its not taking a risk of the info falling into the wrong hands or reported?

We do intense screening, having the tiniest suspicion on a user would qualify the user for rejection, and would not make it passed the application stage. Yes we also make money off of this forum, but most importantly we would like the most talented people in trading to join and we have been successful at that.

Thank you for this interview.

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