Interview: Monero’s fluffypony talks about current developments and the future of cryptocurrency

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Anyone currently having a closer look into the world of cryptocurrencies, would have likely stumbled across Monero, a privacy focused cryptocoin that is gaining a lot of traction right now. We travel to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa to have lunch (and of course beer) with fluffypony, one of Monero’s core team members. The topic of our discussion was Monero’s current developments and the future of cryptocurrency. For a better overview the interview is split into the following seven sections.

  • The community
  • Instant transactions Double Spends
  • Dark Net Markets
  • Privacy
  • Third party wallets
  • New GUI
  • The Future of Cryptocurrency

The community

Around 70 developers on Github have contributed to the project but your core team of seven is seemingly small for a crypto currency that’s currently ranked number five in terms of market cap. Do you feel like there is currently enough community support and are you happy with the size and level of involvement of the core team?

We are happy with the level of involvement and the direction that the project is going. That being said, we of course are constantly looking for new people to come in and contribute. In terms of the core team, people do come and go, but

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