Interview with Oasis Market Admin

Oasis market, one of the newer markets offering a business model that is pretty unique in the DNM scene, considering the amounts of money and risks involved – and operating as a 0% fees market making its only profits from donations (even the vendor bonds are refundable).  We had the chance to conduct a short introduction interview with the admin, and here it is:

Can you provide some proof that you are indeed the admin of oasis market?

The admin PGP key can be found here: http://oasisnvwltxvmqqz.onion/support/pgp

What made you request this article?

We think that DeepDotWeb is a standard now, so we would like to let all your visitors know what we think and what we do.

As some people wanted to know, Are you related to any past markets in any way?

No, this is our first darknet project and we aren’t related with anyone of the scene.

You seem to be the new cool and likable kid on the dark net markets – and it seems that you know your way with marketing, yet your incentives remain unclear, why would you run a non profit market and risk yourself in that way? (“ideology” is not an acceptable answer in the post Ross Ulbricht era).

We are actually doing pretty good with the donations, so this is totally working as business model. We already made more than 5 BTC, won’t say exactly how much.

Ok but why would you take that risk – we all know how it  MIGHT end?

We have been visitors of the community and we have seen what people think and how people react when an exit scam happens. We like this world, we don’t think we are doing something bad, we are taking the risk because we really want this to happen, time will show and pay back for sure!

What differentiate you from other markets beside the no fees?

We are serious about this, we already gave proof of it on Reddit and on the tickets, we are running this as a normal business, not like a ghetto thing. We always listen to everyone because we want Oasis to be better and better!

Why won’t you drop the escrow and offer only multisig transactions to increase trust and mandatory PGP messages (both for users and admins)?

We are giving total freedom to our users, but we obviously encourage everyone to always use Multisig and PGP. We have recently added the possibility to encrypt the private conversations messages within just one click, even if we always suggest to always manually encrypt everything.

What i always wonder about skilled developers is why would they take the illegal route?

We chose this route because we enjoy the illegal world, this is the truth. The legal route would have been full of papers, taxes, office hours, etc. This is a total different thing, this gives us the possibility to live our lives as we really want, without anyone telling what’s good and what’s bad. And obviously because if everything will work out, we will earn a lot of money, we can’t deny that, everyone likes money.

So you might introduce fees at some point?

No, never. We have got a lot of projects being developed right now that will bring in more and more money for sure. If we will ever need to introduce fees to be able to go on, we will refund everyone and we will close everything.

Any interesting experiences you can share as a market admin?

Yes, we are really enjoying the diversity between vendors who need help, we feel good when we get compliments and when we solve problems or add requested features, and of course we are loving so much all the people who donated and trusted us. We didn’t have the opportunity to talk with any other market admin yet, and we didn’t get any extortion of any kind. People probably try to hack us everyday, but we are experienced developers and Oasis has very strict rules on what users can and can’t do.

Any safety tips you want to emphasize to people considering to start using your market?

Yes, of course! Use tails, or whonix (even better). Don’t use Windows. Never give out personal information, and when you have to, PGP encrypt everything. Backup login and passwords on encrypted external storage, and encrypt your hard drives as well. Use multisig, and if you really don’t want to use it, use one time payments and never leave funds on markets wallets. Oasis is really easy to use, and if you will ever encounter any problem, feel free to open a ticket!

Anything else you want to add to our readers?

For all the people who don’t believe in us, we highly suggest you to just visit Oasis and check out what it feels like in first person. Vendors can sell at lower prices because of the no fees rule, so even just that should be enough to be worth a visit, but as we said, that’s not where we stop, we are going to offer more and more services in the future.

Thank you for the interview, we hope to see your market growing safely for long time.

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