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Oasis market, one of the newer markets offering a business model that is pretty unique in the DNM scene, considering the amounts of money and risks involved – and operating as a 0% fees market making its only profits from donations (even the vendor bonds are refundable).  We had the chance to conduct a short introduction interview with the admin, and here it is:

Can you provide some proof that you are indeed the admin of oasis market?

The admin PGP key can be found here: http://oasisnvwltxvmqqz.onion/support/pgp

What made you request this article?

We think that DeepDotWeb is a standard now, so we would like to let all your visitors know what we think and what we do.

As some people wanted to know, Are you related to any past markets in any way?

No, this is our first darknet project and we aren’t related with anyone of the scene.

You seem to be the new cool and likable kid on the dark net markets – and it seems that you know your way with marketing, yet your incentives remain unclear, why would you run a non profit market and risk yourself in that way? (“ideology” is not an acceptable answer in the post Ross

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