Intro: BitLox™ launches with Darknet-specific security features

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BitLox Press Release: BitLox Limited is now manufacturing the most advanced and secure hardware Bitcoin wallets ever developed. Encased in titanium and aerospace grade alloys, and with never-before-seen privacy and security features including hidden Bitcoin wallet support, duress PIN, AEM, quad password protection, and more.

With the new BitLox™, you can be sure that your Bitcoin transactions are never subjected to scrutiny.

The twin pillars of this system are SECURITY and PRIVACY – provided by the BitLox™ and our TOR-based web wallet app.

With a sleek shockproof and weatherproof metal case the size of a credit card, measuring only 4 mm in thickness and a weight of only 25g, BitLox hardware Bitcoin wallets pack a punch. BitLox wallets feature a 2″ full matrix advanced e-paper display, multiple layers of PIN protection and Bluetooth LE for access on the go with your smartphone.11

BitLox’s hardware Bitcoin wallets include a range of unprecedented features for ironclad Bitcoin security and privacy of users, with multiple wallets (each with its own encrypted seed) and numerous security features.

Using the Darknet with Tor, I2P and TailsOS Access, Without Compromising Security:

Only BitLox

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