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Ricochet is an instant messenger that aims to provide real privacy. Despite its goal, it’s user-friendly – very user-friendly.

One of the many advantages Ricochet has over the other messengers is that it’s metadata-free. That means that no one will have those juicy bits of data like who you talk to, when you talk, or what you’ve talked about. You can imagine how frustrated the NSA must be since they love to collect metadata.

Metadata is very dangerous. Your adversary may not know who you are or what you’re talking about but he may know who you talked to, when you talked, how long you talked for, when you logged on, when you logged off, how frequently you do log on and off, and the list goes on. When you put all of this data together, you will end with a fairly good profile. Depending on the metadata trail, you could end up compromising yourself.

Ricochet utilizes Tor hidden services to communicate, so everything is end-to-end encrypted, making it virtually impossible for MITM attacks to occur. Because Ricochet is a peer-to-peer instant messenger, it isn’t dependent on any servers, so there’s nothing for LE to raid or compromise.

You are anonymous and don’t

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