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crossstratummutualcommunity2The number of cryptocurrencies in existence is quite significant already, and more are being added on a regular basis. Cross-Stratum Mutual Community, a UK-based company focusing on technology and finance, plans to issue their own digital currency soon. This project hopes to gain mainstream traction based on its “intrinsic motivation to pay it forward”. Quite an ambitious claim, to say the least.

There is a big difference between issuing a cryptocurrency, and issuing a digital currency. Cross-Stratum Coin, or CSC, is a digital currency that is controlled by the overarching company issuing it. Unlike cryptocurrency, this effort will not be a decentralized ecosystem using an open blockchain standard.

What CSC will do is utilize trading fees to create donations to global charities. These trading fees will be collected from every trade made using these coins. Cross-Stratum Mutual Community Asia, who are the brains behind this project, think this will bring great value to CSC in the long run. Furthermore, the fact it creates a donation to charity while being used is an intriguing concept that will attract some attention.

How Cross-Stratum Coin actually differs in comparison to normal cryptocurrencies is that it looks to cut

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