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This is an introduction post about a bitcoin mixing service called BitCloak, the post has been provided by the service admin and is posted as is.

BitCloak is a Bitcoin mixer present only in the darknet as Tor hidden service at the following url: http://bitcloak43blmhmn.onion


It requires the user to completely disable Javascript in his browser, otherwise it keeps redirecting to an error page. The service fee is randomly set every order in a range around 2%. When requesting mixing BitCloak will generate a PGP signed message containing the order details, this and has 3 purposes:

  1. It gives the user a verifiable proof that everything is working as expected.
  2. It gives BitCloak the ability to trust and help the user if he needs help.
  3. It gives the user a way to not get phished, on a clone website the PGP signed message will be invalid raising a huge red flag.


The order details also contain the amounts predictions (send X receive Y), a qr code link as well as

Read more ... source: DeepDotWeb

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