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Service introduction – as it was provided by the service owner: I2VPN (i2vpnraen5bggqge.onion) is a new VPN that provides you guaranteed anonymity and security through a anonymizing network known as I2P. I2VPN is rather unique and wraps all of its connections via random computers in the world (like Tor) which none of us own.. I2VPN has also many features such as transparency, Whonix-style workstations, a API, et cetra.

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Service fee is around 4$, Payments are easy and can be done using any of these methods: BTC, DASH.

One of the I2VPN’s many features is: disposable exit, Disposable exit is something that no other VPN has, our exits are disposable and do not contain any information about you. (Be it your
username/password/hashes or your OpenVPN PSK) When you connect to I2VPN, you do so to our trusted main which are hosted in-house by us, no colocation, no dedicated server, no VPS. Main contains everything about you and is highly secured, using technologies like Qubes, Tor, I2P

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