[Investment Warning] Bitclub Network Review and Analysis

Important Update: Since this post was published I was contacted by Joby Weeks, the founder of Bitclub Network. We basically agreed to disagree. However I decided to rephrase the title of the post from “scam” to “investment warning”. After gathering the facts I can’t prove that Bitclub network is a scam beyond a shadow of a doubt. I do however still think Bitclub Network is very shady and wouldn’t advise anyone to invest in it.

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing these ads for a company called “BitClub Network” on my Facebook feed. I decide to amuse myself and take a look at the video ad only to find some dude that doesn’t seem to know that much about Bitcoin trying to explain why you should join the “BitClub network”.

I believe the video speaks for itself when I say it’s 5 minutes of total gibberish that doesn’t give any value to its viewers. I can safely say that the person on this video doesn’t really know what Bitcoin is and is just reading his text from a page. My favorite quote is probably “There is something called Bitcoin mining, you can get it from lots of places on the Internet”

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