Investor Terrence Yang Gives a Much-Needed Reality Check to Bitcoin Startups

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Bitcoin startups have raised over $1 billion in 2015, though it’s apparent that not all of these new companies are going to succeed. Up to this point, many of a investment income has left to exchanges, wallet providers, and remuneration processors, and it’s apropos transparent that some-more investment needs to go into novel use cases that illustrate because this record was combined in a initial place. At a recent BitPanel Meetup in San Mateo, California, Yang Ventures Founder Terrence Yang let it be famous that Bitcoin startups need to yield genuine use cases for a blockchain-based record if they wish to mount a exam of time.

Bitcoin Companies Need Customers

One of a categorical criticisms of Bitcoin startups in ubiquitous is that it’s tough to find one that is branch a profit. While there are really a series of opposite Bitcoin-related companies that have turn essential over a past few years, they don’t tend to be a normal forms of businesses that investors find out. For example, Silk Road was intensely essential for a site’s creator, Ross Ulbricht, during the few years of existence. SatoshiDice, a bitcoin-based gambling website creatively founded by Bitcoin Entrepreneur
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