iOS Crypto Apps: An Emerging World of Options and Opportunities

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The cryptocurrency world is still very much in its infancy. Yet as digital currencies continue to experience an increase in popularity, the demand for apps that deliver stellar functionality, convenience and safety is on the rise.

Given the global appeal of Apple and its brand of products, acceptance of an app on the iOS App Store has in many ways become both a mark of distinction and an imperative for success. A direct reflection of the rapidly advancing mobile age, legions of these new and updated tools are surfacing to assist the vast, worldwide crypto community with everything from managing purchases and trade transactions to monitoring the market for price information and blockchain-based investment opportunities. As these apps proliferate, users can find the sea of choices available to them a bit overwhelming and difficult to decipher.

Talk to companies who have invested heavily in the iOS app development and you will hear perilous stories and cautionary tales about the highly experimental, often uncertain nature of this process. This is particularly true with respect to the iOS platform itself, which can pose immense challenges and roadblocks in terms of cryptocurrency app acceptance.  Apple has

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