iPayYou Allows Users to Send Bitcoin via Twitter

iPayYou Allows Users to Send Bitcoin via Twitter

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iPayYou, a bitcoin wallet that allows users to send bitcoin to people who don’t have bitcoin accounts, has introduced Pay-by-Twitter, enabling users to send bitcoin directly to Twitter accounts.

iPayYou becomes the first full-service wallet that enables peer-to-peer payments over the Twitter social media network. Users can send payments via email without the recipient having a pre-created bitcoin account.

Making Bitcoin Easy

“It has always been our goal to build iPayYou into the world’s easiest and most useful bitcoin wallet,” iPayYou founder Gene Kavner told CCN. “Until now, bitcoin has been difficult to use by almost anyone not hugely involved in the development of bitcoin.”

The first step was to enable customers to use an email address as the primary way to send payments to one another, while still supporting all traditional bitcoin payment mechanisms, Kavner said. “Now, adding the ability to pay someone by simply knowing their Twitter handle is another step for iPayYou to expand on its ease of use.”

How It Works

Once payment has been sent, a Tweet notifies the recipient they have received a payment over iPayYou. The Tweet

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