iPayYou Launches Pay-by-Twitter Bitcoin P2P Service

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Bitcoin may be a elite process of remuneration for a slew of tech-savvy people, though it has nonetheless to take off with a masses, or even micro-masses. iPayYou, a bitcoin wallet, is aiming to change that with a new use launched today (July 14).

Dubbed Pay-by-Twitter, iPayYou is a initial bitcoin wallet that enables Twitter’s 310 million monthly active users to make peer-to-peer payments over Twitter. With this new service, iPay wallet users can send a remuneration by simply entering a recipient’s Twitter hoop instead of an email or bitcoin address. That means a remuneration sell can occur but both parties exchanging private information. According to a company, it outlines a initial time a use like this is being offering by a full-service wallet.

With a service, once a remuneration is sent around iPayYou, a twitter is sent vouchsafing a payee know they have perceived a payment

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