Is a Corrupt FBI Official Threatening Ross Ulbricht’s Family?

Is Ross Ulbricht’s family in danger?

According to CoinTelegraph, Diamond, the alleged alias of a possibly corrupt FBI agent, has delivered threats of torture towards Ulbricht’s mother and sister, hoping to obtain the password for a bitcoin account allegedly containing 300,000 bitcoins (roughly about $70 million in USD) that once belonged to Ulbricht.

Silk Road architect Variety Jones has also received death threats from the elusive Diamond, who believes that Jones can help him obtain the password, as well as the funds.

Jones mentions that Diamond first approached him about moving to Singapore, where he would be granted a safe house in exchange for his cooperation. Jones also explains that Diamond was able to secure and deliver information to the FBI regarding former special agents Carl Mark Force IV and Shaun Bridges and their involvement in moving seized funds from the Silk Road investigation. It was this information that convinced Jones of Diamond’s high-ranking status in law enforcement, as he feels it couldn’t have been obtained or given by anyone else.

Speaking with CoinTelegraph, Jones said:

“I wasn’t taking him serious in the beginning, and even once I realized he was who he said, and he was amassing millions of dollars in

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