Is Australia Ready to Accept Bitcoin as a Regular Currency?

Governments and states have been taking different approaches towards bitcoin, with some such as the United Kingdom taking a relatively open-minded stance. Just recently, Australia also showed willingness to accept bitcoin as a regular currency, thanks to the Senate Economics References Committee review that concluded that bitcoin should be treated like any other currency when it comes to Goods and Services Tax (GST).

This is in contrast to an earlier position taken by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which said last year that bitcoin is “neither money nor a foreign currency“. This was met with opposition by a lot of cryptocurrency startups, some of which sought to relocate operations oversees in anticipation of an industry crackdown.

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Bitcoin in Australia

“Without a doubt, the main benefit will be the confidence and certainty that removing a GST will provide to our own digital entrepreneurs, and the foreign businesses who want to set up here,” explained Labor Senator Sam Dastyari. “Most importantly, it will send the message to local tech entrepreneurs that their government is listening to them, and that in

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