Is Bitcoin about to soar to new heights?

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The internet’s number one e-currency is already making waves in financial markets, but as yet there is still a high percentage of businesses that are unaware of Bitcoin’s potential. The time is ripe for a sole internet currency, and with virtual reality around the corner it could be the perfect opportunity for Bitcoin to rise to the next level. Here are a few reasons why.

The internet has opened up the world so that countries are no longer confined to themselves. Communication, retail, and gaming can all now be done on a global scale. The fact that most payments online are still made in a certain country’s currency now seems unbelievable. With technology progressing at such alarming rates, why are the methods of payment so dated? Just as email is the internet’s answer to sending letters, an e-currency is surely going to become the sole form of internet payment in the near future.

Some online businesses have already begun to embrace Bitcoin, in an attempt to get ahead of the curve. This could be a wise move because they will be at the forefront of the potential revolution, and also because people talking about Bitcoin inadvertently promote these businesses. The online

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